The Finishing touches

Does the room just not feel right?

I hear this often. “We have the main pieces of furniture but can’t quite figure out how to pull everything together.”

Our first step is to take a home tour and come up with a plan. Sometimes we need small furniture pieces and other times we just need the knick knacks. So whether it’s styling bookshelves, above kitchen cabinets, and through out the house I will write out a list of everything we need. It is your preference if you would like to join me in picking up accessories, or if you are at work I will go out and acquire the item’s and have them arranged by the time you get back! (I leave tag’s on each item in case you want to return something and always work with bringing in your own pieces as much as possible)

It’s amazing what a difference a simple styling session will do to your home.

Your investment is $100 per hour. 50% deposit is due to reserve the timeslot and the remaining balance is due day of service. Deposit is due within 24 hours of booking before time slot is released.