On-Site Consultation

Our on-site consultation is used for several different purposes. 

Upon completion you will receive a link with a customized design map tailored to your needs. This can include anything from:

  • Paint colors

  • Space planning

  • Vision & design concepts

  • Finalizing remodel selections

  • Hardware & finishes

  • Design action plan

  • Trend alerts

  • Creative ways to save money

  • Updates in order to sell your home

Your investment is $300. This includes up to 2 hours on-site. 

Not located in Dallas, Texas? We do offer virtual consultations as well


In-Home Collaborative Design

New to the design process and want to be hands on? This is service for you!

We begin the day with a house tour, collecting notes on which rooms we would like to address while talking through ideas together. Brooke will bring all the tools necessary in building out the designs in your home. She will check in with you every 30 minutes to discuss the vision, furniture options and more. Designs are brought together efficiently with more options while you are readily available. Time allowing, she will assist you in ordering specific items, using the discount codes and making sure you have everything you need when furniture arrives. 

Each client works differently during the design process, on average a vacant room takes 2-4 hours to design.


Your investment is $1,500 a day. 9-5

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Decorating Service

Beginning: Our decorator, Lindsay, will visit you on-site to access the project scope, take measurements, discuss style and other details with you. 


Middle: Our team member will go and acquire items! You are welcome to join or we can send you pictures and pricing for authorization before purchase.  We work with area vendors to pick unique items for your project.


Lastly: We will then deliver, arrange and style the new items while incorporating your current design elements.


Hourly rate is $100

35-3099 Whispering Oaks Dr-29.jpg

Virtual Design

Virtual Design is a popular service for those Do-It-Yourself clients that just need a clear visual.

STEP 1: We meet at your space with an on-site consult ($300) or chat over the phone/email ($200) to discuss your project and gain some perspective before starting to source and build the design.

STEP 2: We start building the design. You will receive a customized link with the products to purchase, a floorplan with furniture layout and other information to aid you in completing your room transformation. ($300)

Design elements sourced from our exclusive vendors, gives you the opportunity to take advantage of our designer discounts. 

STEP 3: You order and assemble the furniture. We give you all the tools needed to transform the space yourself. 


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