What is the $500 Room Challenge?

 The $500 room challenge package originated from my passion for design and people. When I started in this field, I noticed that only the 1% of people hired a designer because of the cost. I believe that regardless the situation, a relaxing beautiful space to call home should be for everyone.

So whether you are in an apartment, dormroom, penthouse, starter home, mansion, house boat or anywhere else you could possibly live, this package is for you! SO how does this all work?

1) Contact me! We will schedule a time for the first session, it will only take about an hour or so. This session is all about you. I want to know what colors you prefer, the style of the rest of the home, what styles you love, what you want the room to transform into and more. Then we will discuss budget for the project. (You determine the budget, so whether you want to spend $150-$10k+ on your furniture/decor, I work within your limits) I will then take photos, measure and create a floorplan and gather any other information needed to begin the design. The best part, your investment for the design package is a flat $500.

2) Within a week’s time, you will be sent a customized link. It will include a vision board (shown below) so you’re able to see all the products together, the floorplan with placement, photos with placement for wall hangings, tips and design tips that pertain to your project, instructions on hanging window treatments and more. You will also receive a list of links of everything used so you are able to purchase these items yourself!


3) Now that you have the design and the tools to bring the room together, you are able to purchase the furniture and decor used and start transforming the room! Don’t worry, you won’t be all on your own. Once you’ve installed everything to the best of your abilities, we will schedule an hour for me to come out and help with styling bookshelves, accessorizing, and tweaking the room to perfection. Congratulations! You can now sit back and relax, enjoy your new space. You’ve accomplished the $500 room challenge!

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